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"When the patient is special and the condition is critical"
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We are dedicated to providing the best possible care for your animal companions.

Here are a few testimonials from clients we've helped.

The care my dog got was amazing. They genuinely care about the animal they are treating.
Tina Groshens
We had a wonderful experience in the face of a difficult illness our dog was experiencing. We would recommend this group any time!
Jake Carpenter
The staff was compassionate, quick to service us, and very knowledgeable. I believe that my dog would not be alive if not for them. 5+ stars
Maria Theresa Morando
They took great care of her.
Allie Melvin
The doctor was very knowledgeable, and happy to say, my little pug is better. I'd recommend Mid Columbia Pet Emergency.
Paula Highum
The staff were compassionate and caring. Dr. Jay explained everything to us in terms we understood clearly.
Melanie Olson
Everyone was so gracious to us. We had to put down our sweet TOTO.... Thank you to all of you.
Darlene Henrickson
Thank you for providing fantastic care at a difficult time.
Caleb Proctor
We live nearby, we have always had a good experience here. The front desk & vets have treated us kindly.
Rachel P
Though we lost our boy last night, we felt greatly respected and genuinely cared for as we processed our grief. Thank you for your kindness!
Sacha Mike
Very grateful for the service I got here. They took my dog in at 4am on Thanksgiving day. Also the pricing was super affordable!
Jesus Dela Cruz
Very caring, attentive and complete care. Entire staff is amazing
Kathy Robison
Great staff and prompt service, thankyou and I highly recommend
Mark McKee
Wonderful compassionate staff! I’m so glad they were there for us when our puppy injured himself. They were so patient and caring.
Danelle Herr
They helped him quickly after taking him in. His medical care wasn't cheap, but he was well taken care of. Glad they are here!
Amanda LaRiviere
There were several emergencies the day we were there and everyone was treated extremely well given how busy the clinic was.
Steve Anderson
Ally Perry
I almost lost my female english bulldog. Pioneer Veterinary in Moses Lake didn't have 24 hour staffing and referred us to Mid Columbia Pet Emergency. After...
Teresa Fields
Great staff, great service!
Gary Martinez
Olivia Jones
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We value your feedback as we are always looking to provide the best possible emergency pet care experience.

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